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Steam Locomotive Classes

0-4-0 International Class (6) Steam Light Duties ---
0-4-0 Tank (9) Steam Motor Train & Dock Traffic 0-4-0 Tank
2-6-0 Transcontinental ‘Old Timer’ (2) Steam Making Children Happy ---
4-6-2 S Class (1) Steam Express Passenger 4-6-2 S Class
8P Coronation Class (13) Steam Heavy Express Passenger 8P Coronation Class
8P Duchess Class (33) Steam Heavy Express Passenger 8P Duchess Class
Battle Of Britain / West Country Class (43) Steam Mixed Traffic Battle Of Britain / West Country Class
Caledonian Single 4-2-2 (5) Steam Mixed Traffic Caledonian Single 4-2-2
Castle Class (28) Steam Express Passenger Castle Class
Clan Class (3) Steam Mixed Traffic Clan Class
Class 06 (Steam) (1) Steam Freight Class 06 (Steam)
Class 0FST (20) Steam Shunting & Light Traffic Class 0FST
Class 1000 County (11) Steam Passenger & Freight Class 1000 County
Class 101 Holden Tank (24) Steam Experimental design ---
Class 14XX (13) Steam Branchline Passenger Class 14XX
Class 2721 (16) Steam Shunting & Light Mixed Traffic Class 2721
Class 28XX (13) Steam Heavy Freight Class 28XX
Class 29XX Saint Class (4) Steam Express Passenger Class 29XX Saint Class
Class 2F (2) Steam Freight Shunting Class 2F
Class 2P (11) Steam Inter-regional passenger Class 2P
Class 3 Standard Tank (2) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 3 Standard Tank
Class 3800 (2-8-0) (3) Steam Freight Class 3800 (2-8-0)
Class 38XX County Class (6) Steam Cross Country Passenger Class 38XX County Class
Class 3F (22) Steam Light Freight & Local Passenger Class 3F
Class 3F Tender (4) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 3F Tender
Class 4F (9) Steam Freight Class 4F
Class 4MT Tank (2) Steam Suburban Passenger Class 4MT Tank
Class 4P (Stanier) (7) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 4P (Stanier)
Class 4P Compound (4) Steam Passenger Class 4P Compound
Class 4P Tank (18) Steam Suburban Passenger Class 4P Tank
Class 5 (28) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 5
Class 57XX (3) Steam Shunting & Light Mixed Traffic Class 57XX
Class 61XX (12) Steam Passenger & Freight Class 61XX
Class 6800 Grange (7) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 6800 Grange
Class 7 (23) Steam Express Passenger & Freight Class 7
Class 75000 (Standard 4MT) (4) Steam Mixed Traffic Class 75000 (Standard 4MT)
Class 8F (20) Steam Freight Class 8F
Class 9F (15) Steam Heavy Freight Class 9F
Class A1 (9) Steam Express Passenger Class A1
Class A3 (29) Steam Express Passenger Class A3
Class A4 (46) Steam Express Passenger Class A4
Class B12/3 (13) Steam Express Passenger Class B12/3
Class B17 (15) Steam Passenger Class B17
Class D 0-4-0T (19) Steam Shunting ---
Class D49 (7) Steam Mixed Traffic Class D49
Class E2 (3) Steam Local Freight & Passenger Class E2
Class G3 (4) Steam Mixed Traffic Class G3
Class J13/J52 (12) Steam Shunting & Light Mixed Traffic Class J13/J52
Class J83 (17) Steam Shunting & Light Mixed Traffic Class J83
Class J94 Austerity (22) Steam Shunting Class J94 Austerity
Class L1 (2) Steam Express Passenger Class L1
Class M7 (18) Steam Suburban Passenger Class M7
Class N2 Tank (10) Steam Mixed Traffic Class N2 Tank
Class Q1 (12) Steam Freight Class Q1
Class T9 (9) Steam Mixed Traffic Class T9
Continental Prairie (1) Steam Mixed Traffic ---
Dean Goods (6) Steam Freight Dean Goods
Dean Single Achilles Class (6) Steam Mixed Traffic Dean Single Achilles Class
Hall Class (4) Steam Mixed Traffic Hall Class
Ivatt Class 2 (3) Steam Mixed Traffic Ivatt Class 2
King Arthur Class N15 (14) Steam Express Passenger King Arthur Class N15
King Class (18) Steam Express Passenger King Class
Merchant Navy Class (14) Steam Express Passenger Merchant Navy Class
Patriot Class 5XP (14) Steam Express Passenger Patriot Class 5XP
Princess Class (24) Steam Express Passenger Princess Class
Pug (10) Steam Shunting Pug
Rocket (3) Steam Passenger Rocket
Royal Scot Class (8) Steam Express Passenger Royal Scot Class
Schools Class V (23) Steam Regional Passenger Schools Class V
Terrier (18) Steam Light Passenger Terrier
Thompson B1 Antelope Class (3) Steam Mixed Traffic Thompson B1 Antelope Class
Thompson L1 Class (5) Steam Passenger Thompson L1 Class
Top Tank (1) Steam Light Traffic ---
Wab Baltic Tank (2) Steam Mixed Traffic ---

Top 6 Models

1. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
2. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
3. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
4. Class 7P6F Locomotive - Britannia
5. Class 9F Locomotive - Evening Star
6. L.N.E.R. Composite Coach

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Heinz Closed Van
Heinz Closed Van


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