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Class 4MT Tank

Class 4MT Tank Class: Class 4MT Tank
Type: Steam
Designer: Robert A. Riddles
Weight: 86 tons
Purpose: Suburban Passenger

Information: The Class 4MT was the largest Standard tank engine design attributed to British Railway’s Standardisation Plan of the 1950’s. Motive power for hauling commuter traffic through-out Britain was in high demand after Nationalisation and the 4MT could be found at work in most areas through-out the country.

Details: Between 1951 and 1958 a total of 155 Class 4MT tank engines were built with the majority (130) being built at Brighton Works. The remainder of the class, (15) were built at Doncaster Works and (10)at Derby Works. A further 15 were to have been built, but with diesel traction and the Modernisation Plan in hand, orders were cancelled. The Class design is attributed to Robert A. Riddles, although the basis for the arrangement was very heavily influenced by the successful Fairburn tanks of the former LMS, in turn to heritage lines of even older Fowler designs. The Standards did have a somewhat shorter wheel base.
The 2-6-4 wheel arrangement with two outside cylinders was the largest and most powerful of the Standard Class tank engine designs. The class shared much in common with the Class 4 tender design locomotives. As the class was of proven heritage, few problems arose, the only real exception being the change-over to solid coupling rods after numerous failures of the previous fluted design.
By the early 1960’s mass withdrawal of steam locomotive types was already well underway. The first of the Class 4MT tanks was withdrawn due to structural damage after less than ten years service. After 1964 other members were quickly removed from service as diesels took-over their previous workings. The final nine allocated to Southern Region were withdrawn at the end of steam on the Region in July 1967.
Class 4MT locomotives were painted in British Railways lined mixed traffic livery.
Due to the fact of relative size, versatility, and power rating in addition to the fact the class were in generally good working order when withdrawn they became natural candidates for preservation. As such, 15 members have been preserved, many in working order.

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Class 4MT Tank Releases (2)

Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
Released: 1969w 1970w 1971w
80033 B.R. Black
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
Released: 1972w
2642 L.M.S. Crimson

Class 4MT Tank Images (2)

Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive 80033

Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive 2642

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