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0-6-0 Pannier Tank 1955 - 2011

11th Edition - 2014
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This site holds information for Tri-ang Railways 1955-1965, Tri-ang Hornby 1966-1972, Tri-ang Wrenn 1969-1972 and post 1972 Hornby Railways, there is no information for Hornby Dublo or Hornby 'O' Gauge.


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The Collector Guide

1975 Pullman Advertisement A database designed to hold as many Hornby releases as possible... All catalogued locomotives, coaches, wagons, train sets and train packs have been entered for the years 1955 to 2000, including all Australian, Canadian and Tri-ang Wrenn releases.
The database is as accurate as the Catalogues released. We have listed some Uncatalogued Models, but it is far from complete.

For an amazing wealth of extra information in print, for all the models in this database, meet Pat Hammond.

1980 Hornby Train Sets Hornby Railways is the beloved first train set of nearly all model railway fans in the UK and Australia.
The wonderful Tri-ang Railways was first produced around 1950, they became Tri-ang Hornby in 1965 after a company takeover, which changed to Hornby Railways in 1973 after even more boardroom moves... Finally the company settled on Hornby dropping the Railways in 1997.

Catalogues are still made today and the excellent quality remains. Go buy this years now! Todays Hornby models are made in China. All the models in this database up to 1996 were made in the UK, apart from a few in Australia.

1960 RS.7 Set The best and fairest way to purchase or value these past models, in this database, is through eBay. Try our brilliant Hornby eBay Search System, including pre-defined searches.

Hornby Railways may not be the most detailed, or the rarest, or even run the smoothest... but there is magic in the way the whole Hornby World fits together.
From the dreamy catalogues of model train fantasy, to the weak bendable fishplates on 80's Hornby track... Hornby is fantastic fun!

A great day to start the best hobby in the world!

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Top 4 Models

1. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
2. Class 7P6F Locomotive - Britannia
3. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
4. Class 9F Locomotive - Evening Star

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Random Model

Departmental YGB Sealion Hopper (Weathered)
Departmental YGB Sealion Hopper (Weathered)


11,317 yearly Items over 57 Years.
4,060 individual Items.
3,700 Models.
360 catalogued Train Sets.
154 Train Packs.
818 Steam Locomotives.
495 Diesel Locomotives.
1,080 Passenger Coaches.
1,153 Freight Wagons.


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