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What an amazing mine of information! At 64 years old, I have finally purchased a Transcontinental Pacific loco (as a youngster, I could only look admiringly at it in the fabulous catalogues). There was no way I could afford one in them days! John Fellows
27 Feb 2015
Staffordshire England
What a site - better than Hornbys themselves. Thanks for all your assistance in rebuilding old locos. Brian Whitelock
11 Feb 2015
Lincolnshire United Kingdom
Supurb reference material. I have used the Hornby Collector Guide since starting my hobby and could not have completed the rebuilds, model & spares identification without it. I refer to it constantly when researching for next purchase. Many thanks. Emmanuel Azzopardi
2 Dec 2014
Sydney Australia
Words cant explain what a great site this is. Very handy for checking release dates for various items that are advertised on ebay etc. As a Triang Hornby collector since the 1950s, it is an invaluable resource. Well done to all involved in its development. Graham Leigh
27 Jul 2014
Surrey UK
Only came across this site by chance when searching the internet for loco data. What a mine of information it is and I look forward to using it to catalogue my models whose boxes have disappeared. John Woodland
13 Jun 2014
Rotherham United Kingdom
I endeavour to help fellow modellers out, as a senior member of the club I am secretary of (Darling Downs Model Railway Club Inc. in Queensland, Australia), I often get called upon to help fix older trains. This site is incredible for information. Ted (Teditor) Freeman
19 Jan 2014
Toowoomba, QLD Australia
I have been using this site for more than a couple years now. It is fantastic. Found all of the service sheets for my 50-55 year old Triang Princesses and Tank locos, also the sheets for all of the later Hornby Locos that I have bought to add to my collection. The years section is very useful in selecting the next model to search for and buy. A truly informative site for the enthusiast. Many thanks for your dedication, and your time taken to compile such a valuable tool for all of us model railway enthusiasts out here. Tony Combridge
16 Nov 2013
Andover, Hampshire England
A big thank you, without this site I would not have rebuilt at least twelve Hornby locos back to good working order. Michael Evans
13 Nov 2013
Cavan Ireland
A truely great site. I just started again after 30 years of wives........... Model railways rule OK! J Walker
7 Nov 2013
Leicester UK
Excellent site, well done. Stephen Burn
23 Oct 2013
Whitley Bay UK
Great site, love it. Phil
16 Sep 2013
Cockburn, Western Australia
What a great site, beyond description, I love it! Anthony
4 Aug 2013
Burford Canada
What a wonderful site! Fully appreciate the amount of hard work which has gone into producing this amazing database!! Now I am almost retired, I will be digging out my old collection, and building a new layout. Looking forward to gaining new models... Graham (Fred) Horabin
27 May 2013
Launceston, Cornwall England
One word - Brilliant. Brian
19 Apr 2013
Bedford UK
What a gem this site is. I came across a wagon with a livery that I had not seen before and was dubious it was not a hand paint job. I found this site, and minutes later found the wagon! Valentine
1 Feb 2013
Wirral UK
Dont ever go away! For us model steam fans this has to be the No.1 site in the world, and especialy us Triangers, yes, I have still got my train set that santa left for me some 57 years ago. Ah, wonderful memories. Thankyou. howard roberts
23 Dec 2012
kent England
I have just returned to modelling in OO scale after a 15 year break. This site is superb and it has helped me to determine the history and age of the Hornby models in my collection. Without a doubt this is one of the most useful and valuable websites for the OO Scale collector and modeller. I use it on almost a daily basis. B. R. Barnes
17 Dec 2012
St Clair NSW Australia
Fantastic site with such a great resource bank. Kenneth T. Moore
28 Jul 2012
Carlisle UK
It is the Bible for lovers of Hornby. Brian
28 Jul 2012
Fascinating database. Found my old favourites from childhood and of course the more recent products. Would be willing to contribute information, but it pretty much looks like you have got it all so far! Adrian Singleton
9 Jun 2012
Essex United Kingdom
Indispensable! Gerald H
29 May 2012
England UK
Quality Web Site - It is a great resource to help build my 1970s wagon collection - Thanks again for all your time & Energy! Ian Duxbury
11 May 2012
Bristol England
Fantastic site!!! Using this resource to pinpoint my sons existing model years and R numbers etc. Has proved a blessing in identifying the numbers/models he needs to keep everything matching and authentic.. Keep up the good work. Keith Locke
20 Apr 2012
Highlands of Scotland Scotland
We do not stop playing because we are old. We grow old because we stop playing! Cheers guys.. brilliant site! Arf Smith at Caban Collectables. Arf Smith
12 Mar 2012
Pembrokeshire Wales
Excellent site, you have been amazingly helpful. I can now order parts with the information you provide at my finger tips. Thank you. Michael Evans
23 Feb 2012
Ballinagh Cavan County Cavan Ireland
A very attractive and informative site. It is a real pleasure to see images of the models that I played with as a child in the sixties. I am hoping that my grandchildren will also become hooked on model railways in the future, although that would be just as much for me, as for them! Many thanks. Tony Emptage
17 Feb 2012
Ramsgate U.K.
Thank you for a really useful website. Richard Powell
7 Feb 2012
Kenilworth United Kingdom
Fantastic. Thanks to all who contributed to such a informative reference site. This site is the bible to any collector of Hornby/Triang models. I have just realised what a gold mine of models I have collected over the last 25 years. Great work. Cheers. Gary
10 Dec 2011
Padstow, Sydney Australia
I would just like to say that your website has been an absolutely wonderful resource to me over the last nine months, as I begin to get back into the hobby again. It is really well organised and very user-friendly. Thank you and well done to all involved. Graeme Routledge
8 Oct 2011
Doncaster UK
Brilliant site! Not least because when an item is listed as rare on Ebay, a quick cross reference to this Site confirms just how rare it is (or otherwise as seems to be so often be the case!). Keep up the good work! Thanks. Pete
4 Oct 2011
N Yorkshire UK
Always check the website before purchasing Hornby antiques. It has helped me a lot in my collection. I am glad that the manufacturer has fans on the point to create this huge database with precious information about their models. Great job and long life to the site. Marcelo BRC Rail
30 Sep 2011
Belo Horizonte Brazil
Brilliant site, a minefield of great information. Rab Crow
28 Sep 2011
Dunblane Scotland
Great site, the technical information is brilliant, congratulations to all involved. Kevin
22 Sep 2011
Sydney Australia
What can I say that has not already been said.....yep youíve guessed it I canít, so..... excellent website keep up the good work, a truly invaluable resource and its free!!!! Ian
16 Aug 2011
East Sussex UK
Thanks so much for such a valuable resource! Tony
29 Jun 2011
Brisbane Australia
Brilliant! A most valuable resource. Many thanks folks. Colin Robinson
28 Jun 2011
Oxon England
This Website is amazing! Found everything I need in next to no time, catalogue numbers, everything! Easy to use, even found me the items on eBay! Brilliant! Danny
17 Jun 2011
West Midlands England
Excellent site. Volumes of information. Good job guys and keep it up. N K Verma
1 Jun 2011
Bangalore India
This was a bad move. Hit 66 and had some sort of desire to find my first Triang train set, an R54 2335. I found one, but things have now escalated, and as someone once said, a collection starts with one! This site has only thrown petrol on the spark. Bob
29 May 2011
Brisbane Australia
Great site guys, well done. Searching this site I found my 1st train set which I still have and still works, the Express Freighter Set (Aust) from the Australian 1971 catalogue. It was given to me for my 1st birthday in 1971. Thanks Mum & Dad. Shaun
19 May 2011
Cornwall England
What can I say, apart from excellent site! As with others, I have got it in my Favourites. Used frequently for reference purposes, and always helpful. After a 30 year break, I am back into model railways again, and reference sites like this are invaluable! Kevin Fowler
20 Apr 2011
Windsor UK
I have found this site incredibly useful since I was asked to catalogue a friends railway collection. Thanks to all who have contributed to it Michael Hawkes
10 Apr 2011
Paignton, Devon UK
Many hours spent scanning the site, and I find something of great interest every time. The best reference site in the world bar none. Janet Marks
6 Mar 2011
Suffolk England
A truly valuable collection of information. Ironically, I live in Ireland, not too far from the UK (where I used to live) but use this site for information. A masterpiece. Jim
25 Feb 2011
Sligo Ireland
Great site with a lot of information. Where would I be without this? Riny Smetsers
22 Nov 2010
Oost-Souburg Netherlands
A fantastic informative website. Perhaps a members login area could be considered to exchange and share questions and answers etc.
Response - Thanks for the nice comments. We have been thinking of something similar to what you are asking... maybe one day... Regards to you Mike.
19 Nov 2010
Sao Paulo Brazil
Brilliant, so well put togther. The functionality puts other commercial sites to shame. Do you have an Excel or Open Office template that your visitors could use to log their own models? Just thinking that I want to put a link to your site from my spreadsheet for each model.
Response - You can add hyperlinks into a cell on your spreadsheet... Just highlight then copy (Cntl-C) the url (address) of the page into your keyboard memory, then paste (Cntl-V) into the cell on your spreadsheet. Regards.
John Mellor
7 Oct 2010
Bradford UK
Outstanding site, Think I will make this my home page. Many thanks to all involved in its creation. Trevor
1 Sep 2010
Auckland New Zealand
Thank you for providing this goldmine of information for collectors and hobbyists. As a recent returnee to the hobby I was very pleased when I stumbled upon this resource. Regards. Anthony Tear
29 Aug 2010
Malia, Crete Greece
Hi there, "WOW" Just got back into OO after nearly 50 years. Your site is "AMAZING", just found all the info for a complete re-build of a "very" old Tri-ang Bo-Bo. Amazing site and information. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your help. Robi Keetch
16 Jul 2010
Camborne United Kingdom
A truely fantastic website for Hornby locomotive owners. Bill Cameron
10 Jul 2010
Wallsend England
..Just outstanding. I marvel at the amount of detail every time I visit and can spend a good hour or two transporting myself back 50+ years! Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into this, for the benefit of modellers and collectors alike. Brilliant. Robert Denton
29 May 2010
East Yorkshire UK
This is a wonderful website! Having recently moved from N-Gauge to OO, I bought a second-hand Flying Scotsman and with this site was able to find out the year it was produced and the different model variations. After further searching I was then able to find the exact model of the engine I had as a small boy and have since tracked it down on eBay! I now have this website bookmarked and intend to make full use of it when considering future second-hand purchases. Rob Hall
26 Apr 2010
Sutton Coldfield United Kingdom
I started collecting in 1973/74 for my first offspring. Many moons later the need to obtain accurate historical information manifests itself with this really excellent all in one online site. I have to congratulate the authors and their contributors from around the globe. Chris Smith
29 Mar 2010
East Sussex UK
Wow this website is great, a top way for reference details. Also brings back my childhood memories of those neat catalogues that I could not wait for a new one to come out, 1976-1977-1978 Australian ones, remember them like yesterday, keep up the good work, well done. Wayne
29 Mar 2010
Sydney Australia
Keep up the good work...the service sheets are a wonderful asset.....just purchased my first Tri-ang product.. the Blue Pullman set from France of all the places.....the French generally look after their models and is a very good place to look. Andrew
23 Mar 2010
Camel Valley UK
An excellent site for the Hornby and Tri-ang Hornby user and collectors. Richard Peters
21 Mar 2010
Northampton England
This is the best web site for collectors on Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby Railways there is. With out this site it would be very hard to know what goes with what and what to collect. Love it and need this site. Cameron Clark
13 Mar 2010
Brisbane Australia
What an absolutely wonderful site, so full of information, it is staggering the amount of work you must have put into this. I am just dipping my toes into the water after an absence since c.1957, and am bemused at the amount of choice to restart this hobby. I am sure I will be a regular visitor, and thank you wholeheartedly for your help. Trevor Davies
24 Feb 2010
Reading England
I came back to this hobby some months ago now, and have been astonished at what is available these days. I also needed advice on spares for some ancient gear. It took me a few minutes to get the information using your site, and I have been back numerous times to get part numbers, drawings, etc. I have succeeded in many attempts to rebuild, with help from eBay, based on what the site has told me. Well done. Ray Isaac
3 Feb 2010
Leicester UK
A fantastic site, really enjoyable. Thankyou for the hard work that must have gone into creating it. Edward Wilde
31 Jan 2010
United Kingdom
Hi all, found this site by accident, AMAZING site, will spread the word. - Response: Thanks Allan and regards to you! Allan Chave
29 Jan 2010
Lincoln UK
Found the site by accident but what a site!!! Your database must be huge and I, as a designer using MySQL as you do, admire the effort you have put in. The information I have found about my sets etc from 1980 on is incredible - more than I could have wished for. Thank you for your hard work and opening this up to the public. Bri R
14 Jan 2010
Wallsend England
What an amazing source of information! The detail is incredible! Thank you. Response - Thanks for visiting Robert! Robert
5 Jan 2010
London UK
I have just purchased the Giraffe pop down set in original box and unused. Thanks for a great site where poor sods like us can find details on what we get hold of. Michael Avery
21 Dec 2009
Speers Point Australia
Wonderful site bursting with info, has helped me out many times! Peter Pryor
9 Dec 2009
London UK
I still have my Hornby Rural Rambler Train Set and it was not working. Just cleaned the track and after 20 years of being put away and not used it is now up and running! Paul Jobes
17 Nov 2009
Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Hi All--Just like to say I thought the previous site was excellent but this updated version is AWESOME !!!!! A big thankyou to all who worked hard and long to put this together. Just Great !!! Charles Taylor
24 Oct 2009
East Anglia UK
A fantastic resource for anyone with an interest in model railways. Love the new look, very bight and clear. Rog (RJ)
19 Oct 2009
Nottinghamshire England
Very informative and so easy to use. It is a credit too all involved. The ebay listings for items you are researching is brilliant. Keep up the good work. John Bransgrove
20 Aug 2009
Melbourne Australia
Great site - allowed me to identify all the trains I have brought out of storage from my childhood for my young children to enjoy - well done for your efforts. Dave Whitehad
24 Jul 2009
Lancashire England
Great site, Thanks to you guys it makes life easy to identify older models. Stephen Bennett
14 Jun 2009
Thanks guys, I was compiling a catalogue of my Hornby equipment and found your site a wealth of info, it also brought back many childhood memories of my collecting Triang Hornby gear over the last 40 years or so. Thanks Kenneth B Hastings
20 Apr 2009
Rosewood Australia
Great piece of work. However I searched for a Class 20 Bo-Bo in Hornby program from 1958-62 as a 3 rail without success. The Hornby Cat No was 3230 (3 rail) or 2230 (2 rail). - Response: Your locomotive is a lovely Hornby Dublo model made by Meccano. Sorry, we only list the models from the Tri-ang Hornby make. One day we may list the Hornby Dublo range, but not in the near future. Regards to you David. David Walker
5 Apr 2009
Munich Germany
Having browsed your collector guide, I came across my old Tri-ang Hornby BR Blue Class 31 Diesel. Just to let you know it still works perfectly and that I cannot believe that it is about 43 years old and still going strong. Thought that this may interest you and other collectors. Rich Baker
30 Mar 2009
West Mersea England
A really useful and up to date site. I paid for service sheets on eBay that I could have got for free from this site, and I found info on my original train set (R1X from 1955) which is still running, by my grandson. John Byrne
14 Feb 2009
Glasgow Scotland
Hi, Interesting site. However one comment. A Mail Coach or Travelling Post Office is never considered as a freight vehicle, always a passenger rated vehicle. Response - Hi, we will fix that up shortly. Regards to you Martin. Kevin Martin
3 Jan 2009
Melbourne Australia
Excellent Site! I have learnt so much and I am still finding out stuff. Thank you for all your hard work. Simon McGregor
29 Dec 2008
Pakenham Australia
One of the best informative sites I have found, please keep up the good work and many thanks. John Rhodes
9 Dec 2008
Birmingham England
The site for reference is very informative. Keep up the Great Work. Brian
6 Dec 2008
Roseburg USA
Very nice, briliant and complete site, even for the Tri-ang Railways enthusiasts, all the information at one place. Greetings. K.Cuvelier
25 Oct 2008
Heerlen Netherlands
A very professional and detailed website. I congratulate the person/people that spent the time to put it together. Jon McIlwain
18 Oct 2008
Auckland New Zealand
Wonderful and informative site. As a long time enthusiast and collector I am delighted to have found this site. John
1 Feb 2008
Charlotte USA
Brilliant site, loaded with info, a great help with dating and model identification. Thanks. John Bishop
25 Aug 2007
Reading England
FAN - BLOODY - TASTIC - One of the best reference sites I have ever come across, Every thing I wanted to know & then some, all set out in an easy to use format. Will go in my favourites, keep up the good work lads. Ken McKay
23 Aug 2007
Dicky Beach Australia
Very interesting website. A pity that there is not a link from Response - Thanks for that comment, we agree! Regards to you Simon. Simon Potterton
30 Jun 2007
Dublin Ireland
BRILLIANT site, I found the 1978 catalogue, bought it, and now trying to build the layout that is displayed in there. Will be using this site alot more in the future. Josef Buckland
19 Jun 2007
Hervey Bay Australia
All I can do is add my praise to all of the other comments. Superb site! Thanks for your efforts. Steve
13 Jun 2007
Perth Western Australia
I have passed this link on to many friends as a necessary resource for every Model Railway Enthusiast and Collector. Stewart Hall
14 May 2007
Scottsdale AZ USA
This website is the best. Will soon be bringing my old HST out of retirment thank to the service sheets found on this site. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the Hornby world. Kevin Sandford
20 Apr 2007
Weston Super Mare England
Hi, brilliant site, fantastic effort to add all that detail. One suggestion for navigation - Can you add buttons for moving straight to next/previous catalog item?
Response - Hello, will add this feature before the end of 2007... Many regards.
Andrew Tooher
13 Apr 2007
Randwick Australia
What a great site for reference, saves hours of tracking down old Hornby locos. All we need now is the trackside accessories, but that is another world. Keep up the good work. Brian
12 Apr 2007
Norfolk UK
Great site with all the info you need. SR
29 Mar 2007
Sydney Australia
Super site! Recommend it to all my Triang friends and club members. Respect the time taken to achieve quality like this site offers. Brian S
27 Mar 2007
Buck Lake AB Canada
A very happy trip down memory lane - well done. Kenny
23 Mar 2007
South Queensferry Scotland
Absolutely fantastic site. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Dave
5 Mar 2007
Barton upon Humber England
I wonder if you will continue the information on from 1990 through to current day?
Response - We would like to go back first, 1960 to 1965 will be next... Regards to you Linden.
Linden Sly
3 Mar 2007
Wagga Wagga Australia
Just started collecting Hornby trains at the ripe old age of 44! Your website is an inspiration! Justin Barrett
29 Jan 2007
Naas Republic of Ireland
The best site for detailed and correct information on Hornby. Brilliant!! Any chance of doing the same for Mainline, Airfix and Bachmann.
Response - We would love to add all makes... only time will tell... Regards to you Pete.
Pete Fox
23 Dec 2006
Driffield England
Excellent site. Very thorough, useful and easy to navigate. Gud on yer! Duncan F
27 Nov 2006
London England
Well what can I can I say? What a fantastic website. A jolly good find. Only one small thing, why no World of Thomas the Tank Engine?
Response - Hello Paul, Thomas is a long way off, we need to put many more years of Triang and Hornby first! Regards.
Paul Roche
13 Oct 2006
Halstead Essex
Just found your site and think it is marvelous! Railway enthusiast! Ron Lumsdon
16 Sep 2006
Wrexham Wales
Supurb site, now a top favourite for viewing found by accident, should be in all rail mags. Such devotion requires full recognition. Derek Norman Davidge
9 Sep 2006
Bristol England
All the girls here in packing at absolutely admire your devotion to the Hornby brand. We know how much work you put in, and our boss here talks to his customers on how much he loves your website too. Good luck. Hornby Shop W.A.
5 Aug 2006
W.A. Australia
Just had to send you a quick note, to say thank you very much for your generosity in establishing such a detailed Tri-ang Hornby Site. Great job! Martin Walls
13 Apr 2006
Great site. I have added it to my favourites list. Thanks for plugging my books too. Pat Hammond
4 Apr 2006
Very nice! It opened quickly with dial-up, was well organized and was full of interesting good stuff. Staff
3 Apr 2006
A very well organized site! Staff
3 Apr 2006
This site is a wonderful resource for those who like Hornby model trains. It's chuck full of Hornby info, all organized in a logical order, and is technically very well done, as well. Staff
3 Apr 2006
Just had to say what a fabulous site you have here. I have a small collection of Hornby mainline locos and your site provides me with a wealth of detail on the models. Well done and keep rolling. Chas
27 Mar 2006
I would just like to say what a great site you have. It has been a great help to me. You have put a lot of work into what you do and I would like to say a big thank you. Jamie Bynam
26 Mar 2006
Great site. Nick
9 Mar 2006
You have created a fantastic website!!! Clayton Gunning
14 Dec 2005
Thanks for the best Hornby site in the world. You make searching for details so easy. Trust the Australians to do something special. Good luck. Sidney Kimber
28 Nov 2005
I love your site. Grant Eldridge
27 Sep 2005
Thank you for an invaluable site. It has been extremely helpful in providing background to a couple of my recent purchases of older Hornby models and I really appreciate the effort that has been put into making this information more widely accessible. John Lines
28 Aug 2005
I have enjoyed your Hornby Railways Collector Guide as great reference. Particularly the Australian sets. David Francis
26 Jul 2005
Very interesting and useful site! Karl
10 Jul 2005
Enjoying the catalogue, I thank you. Jim Pye
1 Apr 2005
This site gets my vote as one of the best on the web. I do not know where you found the time to put it together but I sure appreciate that you did. It is a veritable gold mine and extremely useful when working out the vintage of some of my collection. Phil Isley
27 Feb 2005

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