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Class 57XX

Class 57XX Class: Class 57XX
Type: Steam
Designer: C. B. Collett
Weight: 48 tons
Purpose: Shunting & Light Mixed Traffic

Information: Between 1929 and 1950, 853 Pannier tanks were built by Great Western Railways and their successor, British Railways.

Details: In the early twentieth century the Great Western Railway rebuilt a number of saddle tank locomotives into the 0-6-0PT Pannier side tank design which would ultimately become as synonymous with the company image as the more impressive Castles and Kings seen on mainline express duties.
By 1929 the early rebuilds were in need of replacement and the railway set about building the second largest class of steam locomotives in British history. Typically the Great Western is renowned for building all their own locomotives at Swindon, but in the case of the 5700 class where they could not keep up with the requirements and as such about one fourth of the total built were outsourced to various builders. The success of the class ensured that the basic design would continue into the British Railways era with the last ones not being out-shopped until 1950.
Locomotives were employed in varying duties through-out the system and could be seen performing branch-line duties, empty coach workings, and mixed goods duties as required.
Primarily due to age, the class was gradually withdrawn starting in 1956. However, because of their popularity and durability several members of the class were to outlast steam on British Railways in Private ownership with the last not being withdrawn until the mid 1970ís. Private owners included various collieries and London Transport where they were used on permanent way trains.
Through their working lives, because of their mixed traffic status the locomotives could be seen in variations of black or green livery. London Transport later painted their Panniers in a splendid red livery with gold lettering.
Due to their usefulness and the fact that many Panniers lasted well into to the 1970ís under private ownership, no fewer than 16 members have survived in various forms of preservation.

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Class 57XX Releases (3)

Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive 8751 G.W.R. Green
Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive
Released: 1980 1981 1982
8773 G.W.R. Green
London Transport 0-6-0 Pannier Tank
Released: 1978
L90 London Transport Red

Class 57XX Images (3)

Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive
Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive 8751

Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive
Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive 8773

London Transport 0-6-0 Pannier Tank
London Transport 0-6-0 Pannier Tank L90

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