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Caledonian Single 4-2-2

Caledonian Single 4-2-2 Class: Caledonian Single 4-2-2
Type: Steam
Designer: Neilson & Co
Weight: 42 tons
Purpose: Mixed Traffic

Information: This unique Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 Single, winner of the Gold Medal at the Edinburgh International Exhibition in 1886 was destined for celebrity status as a steam locomotive, being one of the earliest steam locomotives set aside for preservation.

Details: Familiarly known as Caledonian Single No. 123, this unique locomotive was built as an exhibition locomotive in 1886 by Neilson & Company, Glasgow for the Caledonian Railway. The locomotive set itself apart while participating in the first Race to the North during 1888, as part of the long running rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast mainline operators vying for passenger traffic between London and the two largest cities in Scotland. The large 84 diameter driving wheel with two inside cylinders was favoured for turns of speed as required by express passenger locomotives during the late 19th century, routinely reaching her top speed of 56-MPH. After the publicity of the race subsided the locomotive fell into routine passenger services over the West Coast route between Carlisle and Edinburgh.
During 1920 the Single was selected to pull the Directors saloon. Absorbed by newly formed London Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923 during the first Grouping, the Caledonian Railway single was repainted in classic LMS Crimson Lake maroon livery and carried the number 14010 at which time she was classified a 1P power rating.
After being withdrawn from service in 1935, the locomotive was set aside for preservation and repainted in its original Caledonian lined blue livery. This was fortunate for many enthusiasts today, as during that era no one could possibly foresee the end of steam traction. For many years No. 123 saw steam excursion traffic and often appeared at steam galas through-out Britain until the late 1970s, at which time she was finally retired from active service after nearly one hundred years of operation. Today she resides on static display at the Glasgow Museum of Transport.

John Faulkner

Caledonian Single 4-2-2 Releases (5)

4-2-2 Locomotive No. 123
Released: 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1973
123 C.R. Blue
Caledonian Single Class Locomotive - Limited Edition
Released: 2008
14010 L.M.S. Black
Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single)
Released: 2007
No.123 C.R. Blue
L.M.S. 4-2-2 (Ex Caledonian) No.14010
Released: 1983
14010 L.M.S. Crimson
The Last Single Wheeler Train Pack (Dean Single)
Released: 2009 2010 2011
14010 L.M.S. Crimson

Caledonian Single 4-2-2 Images (5)

4-2-2 Locomotive No. 123
4-2-2 Locomotive No. 123 123

Caledonian Single Class Locomotive - Limited Edition
Caledonian Single Class Locomotive - Limited Edition 14010

Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single)
Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single) No.123

L.M.S. 4-2-2 (Ex Caledonian) No.14010
L.M.S. 4-2-2 (Ex Caledonian) No.14010 14010

The Last Single Wheeler Train Pack (Dean Single)
The Last Single Wheeler Train Pack (Dean Single) 14010

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