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Pick Up Goods Set (Aust)


Pick Up Goods Set (Aust)

Years Released: 1969a 1970a (Train Set Year pages)
Set released for 2 years.

Train Set: Pick Up Goods Set (Aust)
Category: Train Sets
Train Sets
Model Information: Set includes eight R.483 double curved tracks, two R.481 straight tracks, one R.487 power clip, one R.488 uncoupling ramp.
Sets Produced: ---
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1969a 1970a

1969a 1970a
Model Ranking:
Current: 1804 - December 2023
Previous: 2544 - November 2023
Movement: (+740)

Train Set Year Details (2)

1969a RS.24XA 1969a
Pick Up Goods Set (Aust)
1970a RS.24XA 1970a
Pick Up Goods Set (Aust)

Train Set Items (4)

0-4-0 Tank Locomotive (Aust)
Released: 1968a 1969a 1970a
None T.R. Various
B.R. Fish Van N6307 B.R. Goods
Open Wagon W1005 B.R. Goods
B.R. 20 Ton Brake Van B952698 B.R. Goods

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Train Set Catalogue Information

1969a Contains one tank loco, one open wagon, one fish van, one guards van. Eight double curved track, two straight track, one power clip, one uncoupling ramp.

Catalogue Images (2)

RS.24XA - Pick Up Goods Set (Aust) - 1969a
RS.24XA Pick Up Goods Set (Aust) - 1969a

RS.24XA - Pick Up Goods Set (Aust) - 1970a
RS.24XA Pick Up Goods Set (Aust) - 1970a

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