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2002 - NCB 0-6-0ST Locomotive - Joseph


NCB 0-6-0ST Locomotive  - Joseph

Model: NCB 0-6-0ST Locomotive - Joseph (Overall Model page)
Running Number: None
Category: Steam Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
Locomotive Class: Class J94 Austerity
Class J94 Austerity
Designer: Hunslet Engine Company
Class Information: Class was withdrawn between 1960 and 1967.
Weight: 48 tons
Purpose: Shunting
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Model Information: Length - 123mm.
Models Produced: ---
Company: Private - Private Owner
Logo: Various
Logo Years: ---
Private Owner
Livery: Private Owner Steam Locomotive
Private Owner Steam Locomotive
Livery Details: Various private owner steam locomotive liveries.
Company Information: Private owner rolling stock from the 1800s to current times.
Year: 2002
Catalogue Number: R.2281
Year Information: This Austerity locomotive was built by Hunslet for the War Department in 1944. After military service the locomotive was sold to the NCR, Hold Colliery where it received the name ’Alison’. After an overhaul and a livery change the locomotive was renamed 'Joseph' possibly after one of the Colliery Managers sons. After Bold was closed 'Joseph' was sent to the Chatterley Mining Museum in Stoke on Trent but when that closed in the mid 1990‘s, ‘Joseph’ was moved to the South Devon Railway where it can be seen today.
Model Motor: Type 7
Publication: Hornby - OO Scale Model Railways - Forty-Eighth Edition 2002
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 48th Edition
Hornby - OO Scale Model Railways - Forty-Eighth Edition 2002
Logo & Box Design:

UK Price List: £43.50
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

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Current: 2296 - October 2023
Previous: 3483 - September 2023
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Model Year Details (2)

2002 R.2281 2002
NCB 0-6-0ST Locomotive - Joseph
2004 R.2281 2004
NCB 0-6-0ST Locomotive - Joseph

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