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1996 - Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen


Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen

Model: Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen (Overall Model page)
Running Number: None
Category: Steam Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
Locomotive Class: Class 0FST
Class 0FST
Designer: Dugald Drummond / J.F. McIntosh
Class Information: "Pug" was a term applied to many of the small non-descript shunting locomotives used across Britain and refers to their purposeful appearance. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries railways in Scotland did not have the traffic volume necessitating larger designs associated with British operations, as such Pug designs were quite prolific for both passenger and goods services. More...
Weight: 27 tons
Purpose: Shunting & Light Traffic
Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-0
Model Information: Length - 4 1/4 inches - 10.8cm.
Available only in train sets in 1994 and 1995.
* 2,000 solo models produced and 7,000 in sets.
Models Produced: * 9,000
* Information from Triang & Hornby, The Story of Rovex, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - Pat Hammond
Company: Private - Private Owner
Logo: Various
Logo Years: ---
Private Owner
Livery: Private Owner Steam Locomotive
Private Owner Steam Locomotive
Livery Details: Various private owner steam locomotive liveries.
Company Information: Private owner rolling stock from the 1800s to current times.
Year: 1996
Catalogue Number: R.214
Year Information: This brightly coloured model is based on a similar locomotive is kept at Castle Donnington Power Station. The jaunty little character is very capable of hauling a respectable length train as the heavy die-cast chassis provides weight for the wheels to grip. Powered by a Type 7 motor.
Model Motor: Type 7
Publication: Hornby Railways - 42nd Edition
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 42nd Edition
Hornby Railways - 42nd Edition
Logo & Box Design:

UK Price List: £19.99
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

Model Ranking:
Current: 1302 - December 2023
Previous: 1661 - November 2023
Movement: (+359)

Model Year Details (3)

1994 R.214 1994
Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen
1995 R.214 1995
Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen
1996 R.214 1996
Castle Donington Power Station 0-4-0ST Locomotive - Powergen

Train Sets Included In (1)

1994 1995 Branch Line Freight Train Set

Related Service Sheets (1)

115A 0-4-0 Loco Chassis February 1991

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