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2004 - Connex Class 466 Suburban Train

466020 (64879 78331)

Connex Class 466 Suburban Train

Model: Connex Class 466 Suburban Train (Overall Model page)
Running Number: 466020 (64879 78331)
Category: Train Packs
Train Packs
Locomotive Class: Class 466
Class 466
Designer: GEC Alsthom
Class Information: The Class 466 EMUs were built between 1993 and 1994.
Weight: 72 tons
Purpose: Suburban Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: BO-BO
Model Information: ---
Models Produced: ---
Company: Connex - Connex
Logo: Connex Logo
Logo Years: ---
Livery: Connex White
Connex White
Livery Details: White with black, yellow and grey trim.
Company Information: ---
Year: 2004
Catalogue Number: R.2307A
Year Information: First introduced to replace the old slam door trains on the Kent Link in 1993 the Networkers offered a much needed and improved degree of comfort to the London commuter. The subtle new livery of Connex South Eastern first appeared on these trains during 2002 making this new Hornby model ideal for the up to date modern image enthusiast. Features of the two cars (Driving Motor Standard and Driving Trailer Standard) include interior seating, flush windows and copper oxidized wheels. The model also incorporates working head and tail lights that operate in the direction of travel. A Type 7 motor is situated in the Driving Motor Standard vehicle. The model is supplied with three alternative destination display labels.
Model Motor: ---
Publication: Hornby OO Scale Model Railways - 50 - Fiftieth Anniversary Edition 2004
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 50th Edition
Hornby OO Scale Model Railways - 50 - Fiftieth Anniversary Edition 2004
Logo & Box Design:

UK Price List: ---
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

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Current: 1706 - October 2023
Previous: 2369 - September 2023
Movement: (+663)

Model Year Details (2)

2003 R.2307A 2003
Connex Class 466 Suburban Train
2004 R.2307A 2004
Connex Class 466 Suburban Train

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