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The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland)


The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland)

Years Released: 2004 (Model Year pages)
Model released for 1 year.

Model: The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland)
Running Number: 6233
Category: Train Packs
Train Packs
Locomotive Class: 8P Duchess Class
8P Duchess Class
Designer: Sir William Stanier
Class Information: Introduced by the LMS in 1937, the Coronation / Duchess Class remains the most powerful steam locomotives built in Britain. Early locomotives in the class were built with streamlined casings that were later removed; while later built locomotives never received the distinctive casings. More...
Weight: 161 tons (including tender)
Purpose: Heavy Express Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2
Wheel Arrangement Name: Pacific
Model Information: Coach running numbers: 2903, 2904 and 2921.
Models Produced: ---
Logo & Box Style:


Company: L.M.S. - London Midland & Scottish Railway
Logo: L.M.S. Crest
Logo Years: 1923 - 1947
London Midland & Scottish Railway
Livery: L.M.S. Crimson
L.M.S. Crimson
Livery Details: Crimson lake with yellow lettering and black lining.
Company Information: The biggest of Britains big four post grouping railway companies formed in 1923. Made up from 34 company lines including the Caledonian, Midland and Somerset & Dorset Joint Railways. Express trains from London to Glasgow were a feature of this company.

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Current: 1153 - December 2023
Previous: 1838 - November 2023
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2004 R.2370 2004
The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland)

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Model Catalogue Information

2004 During the summer of 2002 HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh toured the United Kingdom in the Royal Train as part of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Year celebrations. The locomotive chosen to haul the claret liveried Royal Train was the awesome Princess Coronation Class ‘Duchess of Sutherland’, a duty that the LMS engine and train crew executed with supreme efficiency. The Royal cars included with this pack are representative of HM The Queen Saloon, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Saloon and the 1969 built Royal Household Couchette. The locomotive and the two Royal Saloons in this pack are only suitable to run over second radius curves or greater.

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R.2370 - The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland) - 2004
R.2370 The Royal Train (Duchess Class - Duchess Of Sutherland) - 2004

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