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Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur


Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur

Years Released: 2006 2007 (Model Year pages)
Model released for 2 years.

Model: Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur
Running Number: 736
Category: Steam Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
Locomotive Class: King Arthur Class N15
King Arthur Class N15
Designer: Robert Urie / Richard Maunsell
Class Information: In 1923 Robert Urie introduced the large 4-6-0 Class N15 for increasingly heavier and frequent passenger services on the London and South Western Railway (L&SWR) that necessitated more powerful locomotive designs. More...
Weight: 129 tons
Purpose: Express Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-0
Wheel Arrangement Name: Ten Wheeler
Model Information: Length - 270mm.
Models Produced: ---
Logo & Box Style:

2006 2007

2006 2007
Company: S.R. - Southern Railway
Logo: S.R. Crest
Logo Years: 1923 - 1947
Southern Railway
Livery: S.R. Olive Green
S.R. Olive Green
Livery Details: Olive green with yellow lettering.
Company Information: The smallest of Britains post grouping railway companies formed in 1923. The S.R. route mileage was the best in Britain by far, due to the dense population south of London. Passengers was the main cargo which pushed the S.R. to lead the emergence of elect

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Current: 1873 - February 2023
Previous: 2654 - January 2023
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Model Year Details (2)

2006 R.2580 2006
Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur
2007 R.2580 2007
Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur

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Motor Information

2006 Five pole skew wound.
2007 Five pole skew wound.

Catalogue Images (2)

R.2580 - Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur - 2006
R.2580 Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur - 2006

R.2580 - Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur - 2007
R.2580 Class N15 Locomotive - Excalibur - 2007

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